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Kite Optics


at KITE OPTICS, a belgian family run company, we have been working on the development of high-precision optical instruments for nature observation since 1992. We strive for excellent optical performance and mechanical quality in our binoculars and scopes. Our passion is to combine these characteristics with one of the best after-sales services in the world. This way you can experience the KITE difference, both in the field and beyond.

The company
KITE Headquarters are located in Jabbeke,Belgium near the historical city Bruges. from this location we ship instruments to professional institutions, universities, nature reserves and specialist stores in over 20 countries. Although the actual production of the instrument takes place mostly at KITE's production facility in Japan, here in Jabbeke every single instrument undergoes its final finishings and meets the strictest quality control before leaving to its new destination. Whenever your optics would need servicing, they will return here for the needed care and repair.

For reliability
Professional observation is at the roots of KITE OPTICS, that was already a loyal supplier to many of Europe's nature reserves and institutions well before the brand came available to consumers through specialist stores only. In our vision a binocular or scope is more than just a hobby instrument. It is a tool on which many scientists, foresters and explorers rely on every day to do their job. Optical performance is one thing, but we have learned early that mechanical precision, durability and after-sales service are at least on the same level of importance. Through innovation and caring for highest quality on levels that are even invisible at the user's first sight, we can offer our customers an instrument that does not only stand for excellent vision, but also the very best one can expect in durabiltiy and reliability.

For optical performance
Bringing nature closer to you in its true colours and contrasts is the essence of our work. at KITE OPTICS we strive for creating best performing optical systems for various types of use and various budgets. Our finest optical developments, in KITE KSP HD telescopes, are categorized in the word's top 5 best performing instruments. At the same time we also aim to make a difference on entry level instruments while guaranteeing the full set of qualities KITE OPTICS stands for.