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Hoya Ultra Pro UV Filters

Description A multi-purpose filter which absorbs ultraviolet rays that often make outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct. UV filters are colourless and can be used in combination with other filters. They are also recommended as a general lens protector, to leave on lenses at all times - this protects the front element from scratches, dust and moisture. The Ultra-Pro UV has 16 layers of anti-reflective coatings, to reduce ghosting and flare, providing optimum light transmission of 99.5%. The super-hard optical glass is mounted in a thin frame for excellent compatibility with wide-angle lenses.

Available in filter diameters from 37mm up 82mm


16 layer anti-reflective coatings for optimum light transmission
Water & oil repellent, scratch & stain resistant
Ultra-thin frame - compatible with wide-angle lenses
Absorbs Ultraviolet rays which often make outdoor photographs hazy
Permanent installation on lens recommended to protect front element
9H super tough optical glass for ultimate durability and protection
Front screw thread accepts clip-on lens cap or another filter
99.5% light transmission